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Well a frind and I went to what seems to be most of your favorites lake. Nada, Zip, Zero, ok you can see that we caught no bass this day. All we ever get are bluegill and cats, because thats what we go after when the bass dont want to come out and play. It was actually only my second time on the water in a boat at this lake. We threw everything we had and then we went back and tried again to no avail. I prefer Canyon but wanted to see if I could meet some of you and see what all the hype is that you have about this lake. I wont even start another 10 page posting about "dump passes" <using that in case others read that may be offended> at ramp #2 that in itself makes me feel sorry for you all. I saw a few boats that may have belonged to fellow posters but wasnt quite sure and didnt say anything, and now im kicking myself for not. Well there is always next time..........
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