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Saguaro 12/10

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Haven't been on Sag for a couple of weeks and things are tough out there. Guess I should have tried pitching spoons against steep bluffs per champ, 204. Fished 9:30am to 5 pm and managed just 4 LMs and 30+ yellow bass spooning a KSW in 33 to 46 feet on the main lake. Biggest LM was 4lbs.

Chatted with a fellow fisherman at the ramp who had an even tougher day than I. He reads this board. He's Brad Walker, DVM, KSA and seems to be an AANG. (Sorry B Mc B for the abbreviations I couldn't resist :D ) That's Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State Alum, and All Around Nice Guy. He's having trouble catching fish in the winter in Arizona (aren't we all?) Gave him a quick lesson on how to fish a KSW and where to get 'em.

Maybe he'll post now and help Baxter overcome his thing with cats?
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da a ksw is a great bait but when it does not work try a arizona 1 oz spoon you can purchase them at waterdogs and also try a big hopkins spoon they both have a different fall and a hopkins puts out a lot of vibration another one is the old crippled herring when i am spooning iwill have5or6 different spoon rods with spoons from 1/8 oz to 1 oz or bigger and line from 8 lb test to 25 lb test just to find out just what those picky bass want even on a reaction bite its important to very your length of sweeps from doodling to 12 foot sweeps or fishing it deep like a jerkbait my biggest secret is to find some bass hangin around a tree big grass patch etc. get the spoon snagged in a tree shake it for a while and rip it out has hard as you can with 25 lb test and let her flutter down and always watch your line espicially in the winter time ps it is good idea to always have a spoon rod on your boat at all times good luck on sag. hope that helped you catch more winter bass :D
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bigbo, sure a kastmasters will catch fish i know yellows eat them up but i would use a hopkins, az spoon, crippled herring spoons with a sampo swivel and owner treble hooks you just have to get right on top of the fish and verticaly rip it right in front of there face intill she cant take no more and just pay attention to your line because they like to barly hit on the down fall as in rods you need a rod to match the spoon weight and line size should be matched to example for 1/2 oz spoon i will use a g-loomis crankbait rod med-hvy mod fast action 10-20 lb test and 3/8-1 oz paired with a chronarch mg with 14 lb test but any rod with a good backbone and a fastaction tip will do the job just fine :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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