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Saguaro 7/23 PM

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Hit Saguaro for a few hours tonight. Started at 9:30 and wrapped it up at 1:30AM. Actually the date is 7/30 not 7/23, sorry about that!

It was a slow night. Picked up 7 fish dropshotting 4" Black & Blue Robos.All were slots. I switched to pegged t-rigged 10" black Powerworms and picked up five more fish. One really chubby two pounder, two 3 pounders and 1 four pounder. I had one fish break me off at the boat that could have gone 5-6 pounds. I should have retied!

I enclosed two pictures of the three pounder and four pounder. They are lying on the Gilbert Tribune from today so Puddle Jumper, I mean Pond Master knows that they were caught this year. TightLines...RB


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nice job Matt. sounds like you got saggy down pat.
I think this post will shut alot of people up that are talking chit....good job
are you sure thats the newspaper from the 23rd?? hmmmmmmm Your not smokin that funny stuff are you matt?? Good Job!!!!!!
Thanks guys, just poking fun at the puddle jumper. It was a beautiful night last night with a decent breeze.

Who has the Ranger boat with the trailer plates Ripnlipps and truck plates Hvysak?
how did you do out there?? Matt
the bottom one is nice.

You are now crowned the "Dean" of SC oops I mean Saguro.

You are now crowned the "Dean" of SC oops I mean Saguro.
More like he puts the *** in sag ***.LOL
BTW.. nice fish Matt
I was out there from 5:30PM till 9:15PM. Picked up 4 fish on spinner bait. about 7:00 started chasing small boils, picked up one fish on a splash it, switched to a LC pointer Picked up about 15 with it. Boils would only last about 15 to 30 sec. Race over to the spot where it was and start throwing the pointer. Caught a couple on T rigged power worms after dark. All fish were under 2lbs. Lots of fun, beats the hell out of sitting on the couch after work.
nice fish Matt
like the newpaper confirmation
I don't get that paper and I can't read the date, so I STILL have my doubts. ;)
nice fish man
nice fish Matt
like the newpaper confirmation
I was getting my car cleaned at Break Time over on ValVista Dr and I saw the free reading material laying there and i said perfect! If I get on fish tonight, that'll be my proof! It's all in good fun!!:biggrin:
Man, lay out a nice playboy spread with a fish like that. Whooo hooo.:bow:
wasnt talking shit, just creating conversation on the forum, i dont fish saguaro very much so if you could PM where you were(main lake points, etc.) id like to know where the big fish are

nice fish by the way
Looks like you kidnapped them fish. How much are you asking for ransom?
Looks like you kidnapped them fish. How much are you asking for ransom?
That was what I was thinking when i snapped the shot! They're hostages! I let them go for good behavior.
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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