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Re: Saguaro

Kensfishing said:
Somebody needs to give me some competion. Maybe Wendy could. :wink: After all I watched Jack net the catch of the day. He jumps up, grabs the net and with one swoop, a two inch shad. Great catch. :roll: Anyway, I took home 50 yellows, which I fileted and am taking to San Deigo to my daughter and grandsons. Finished with only three bass, which one was a five. Caught overall about 70 plus yellows in three and a half hours of fishing. Some people can't find they're own fish. Can you Jack. He had to tie up to the back of my boat to be in fish. That's sad. :p No it was a great day with you guys, and all the others who dumped in on us. Later, and remember loose lips sinks ships.
Now why would I need to find my own fish when I have a mobile fishfinder driving a skeeter?as for the tie up your just mad because I was able to sneak up on you and let you tow me around for awhile before you noticed and I had to beat a hasty retreat!Do you know how hard it is to net a 2 inch shad in that big net?It was kinda funny the way it was just you and da then all of a sudden you had 4 or5 other boats parked within 30 feetof you, must be that sparkling personality?or maybe it was that dance you were doing? lol..Have fun in San Diego.
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