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Saguaro 8/04

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Hi folks! What a great day on the lake!

I met Ned02 at the 2nd Ramp at about 0530 or so and me met another AZBP reader that has yet to post. Nice meeting you Tom!

Anyway, Ned02 and I tried our luck at Shiprock Flats and had no luck so we went to Mesquite where, you guessed it, no luck again. We saw Ranger there though, he was bragging about his monster LM he caught earlier. We trolled along the Mesquite Buoy line and caught.....yeah you guessed right again....NADA!

Shortly after our skunk-o-rama we saw Ken and DA fishing in the .....Oh yeah, I'm not supposed to tell. Anyway Ken and DA were nailing Yellows left and right. Me being the guy never too proud to crash a party, decided to join in carefully manuvering my boat to wear I didn't put it right in front of Ken or DA with as little wake as possible.

Ken and DA didn't appear to be to angry. I didn't have any heavy Lures casted my way (can't say the same for "SH"or Ned02). Anyway, we commenced to slay the yellows! All caught on Kastmasters. Chrome 3/8 oz. I caught the largest Yellow I have ever seen. 1 1/2 lbs.!!!!! Jack or Ned02 took some pictures so I hope they come out ok. I also threw my (I should say Jack's since I lost my last one) Kastmaster in to a LM boil and WHAM! That was Awesome! My drag was going crazy! He put up a great fight and Jack also took a picture of my 3 1/2 lb. LM! That was a rush. Ofcourse Ken had to catch a larger LM on his first cast after mine just to show me up......SHOW OFF!!!

It was a great day on the water and the weather was almost perfect! We got off the water a little after 10:00 and headed home to clean and filet dinner. By the way. The LM was put back to catch again, but those Yellows will be swimming in butter tonight!

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:cry: Ok John, sooo we know your not going to spill the beans about the secret location (hint hint hint :cry: I can cry on command), but i am curious as to what time of day you got on fish :?: and..... what depth you found your "yellas" and your "boils" and....were you spoonin the yellas or casting and retrieving :?: enough questions for ya?.......hey, why dont you just take me fishing, catch the fish for me, and let me get MY picture taken with the fish??? :wink:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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