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Saguaro 8/12

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Haven't posted any reports for awhile but we have been out there. Fished today and I'll let you in on a secret.....where were the fish? Well, sshhhhh, I'm not supposed to tell anyone this....but they're the water! :twisted: :lol: Rob, Cody and Sam got a handful of little yellows on Kastmasters, I got bit a couple times, also tried ds-ing for a little while. I have yet to get my 1st ds fish! :x Saw Bayou and said hey and chatted a bit and watched him get a cat. He introduced us to 2dogs but we didn't get much of a chance to chat (we were searching all those water filled areas for fish). We decided to give up on that wet area and move to another where I got the only lm in the boat today. :D It was only 1-1.5 lbs, but it was a LM! On a Kastmaster. Then we decided to try something new. We tied on this huge red/yellow lure. Actually had to tie it to the boat with a rope! Sure enough, it worked! We caught us a couple of varmits and pulled them around for awhile but couldn't get rid of them. Boy! Could those things squeal! :twisted: :lol: Good day out today.
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Shouldn't you be more concerned about seatbelts? :roll:
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