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Saguaro 8/16

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Fished from 5:30 to 1:00 with BassBlaster. I caught 3 lmb, 2 under a pound and 1 at 2lbs. Caught 1 on crankbait in coves near Bagley Flats and the other 2 on c-rig worms in 15 ft, of water. Also hook a 5lb (approx) cat on a crankbait. Man he hit it hard. Brought him to the boat 3 times before he got off. That was perfect since I really didn't want him on my new carpet. :D Nice to see all the AZBP people out there. Nice boat Serpico. (New boat, new name)
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Hey Sam, you're not in school yet? Have fun tuesday. Josh
I always get out to the lake atleast once over the weekend, sometimes twice. I couldn't really tell you the next time I'll be out there. However, I do like to fish Saterdays over Sundays because there are more people I know out on the water and that makes it even more enjoyable. I fish whenever I can get out. I'll see you guys out there sometime soon. Josh
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