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Hi folks!

Had a great day on the water and met some very nice people. It was nice to meet you, Larry and Pam! There were also a couple of nice gentleman in a champion that said hi. I didn't get their names but they said that they were lurkers at this awesome site!

Now for the report.

I went to the usual spot that will remain untold even though everyone's been hanging out there lately. LOL~ :lol: There were a bunch of folks fishing there, but not catching so I thought I'd cruise to a different area.

I hung out just past the "no wake zone" in the river and hunted for yellows. I couldn't graph much but decided to go for the old cast the Kastmaster and reel back to the boat. That was the trick! I caught a bunch of nice yellows for dinner! I also got quite a surprize! Earlier I saw "Ranger" catch a very nice Walleye using a Kastmaster and shortly after I caught what I thought was a huge Catfish! I was using my usual micro rig so I had to be very careful not break my line or rod for that matter. When I finally brought her to the surface, I saw this was no catfish. It was a huge Largemouth Bass! I netted it and used my scale and it said 2.3 lbs. I'm thinking "No Way" ! Ranger came over and let me borrow his scale and she weighed 5 lbs on the dot! I thought it weighed more because it was so long. I should have used my golden rule to get the correct measurement. She was huge, but a little on the skinny side. :x Anyway, that was my day on the water and it was a beautiful day!

As for the usual MMBC suspects, I only saw Ken and Ranger. I'm sorry to hear about your Dog Ken. Good luck with the upcoming competition.

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