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Saguaro 9/04/03

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Fished form about 0800 to 1330. saw a couple of very large Bass hanging around Ramp #2 in about 2 feet of water, could not catch those but did get 2 small ones about 1 lb each on c-rigged worms.then went and hung out with brown dog and invaded his spot,managed a 3.5 on a swim bait out of a boil, lost another 3+ at the boat on a drop shot 3" bass assassin and caught a 6 or 7 lb cat by the tail withn a kastmaster, it is still in his tail because my line broke while I was trying to get it out.water temp 86 with periodic cloud cover and fish chasing shad sporadically
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Sounds like a good day of fishing!! We didn't make our usual Thurs am trip because we can't drop the kids off for school until 8:30, get to the lake and probably fishing by 9:15-9:30. Too late to get started. Rob did say he could head up early and find out where the fish are and then he could just meet me at the ramp around 9:30! :roll: :p Gee, thought that was real generous of him to go "prefish" for us. :x :lol: But we did make a trip to Sportsman's Warehouse today!! 8)
Ya know Pops, I even ASKED the nice gentleman that worked there where the prerigged Senkos were! Funny thing, he just turned and looked at me, dropped his shoulders, hung his head and mumbled something about that really being my natural hair color. :twisted: :lol: But since you asked, I DID buy some Senko types and some more hooks and I'm gonna try them there! I just thought if I ever see Josh up at the lake he could prerig them for me! Right Josh? :wink: And while I'm at it Josh, I see you're fitting right in....and I quote "I'm sure I've asked dummer questions " which implies you think my question is dumb! :p :wink: :lol: You think that one was good, you should have seen some of the questions I asked last year! LOL

Jack "no other reason needed" - I really try to keep it simple just for you! :twisted:
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But DA, if we did that there would hardly be anyone left to pick on! :roll: And we just have to prepare Josh for being in the "clique". LOL

Skunked. What can I say. Some of us just get better with age! :roll: :lol:
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