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Saguaro 9.19.2003 Friday

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Fished this morning at Saguaro from 5:45AM until 8:30AM. Caught 4 LM all on topwater. Biggest 3.3# The other were between 1.5# to 2.5#. Beautiful morning on the lake . When i got to the lake the air temp was 64 degrees. Got to love it!. All fish came on topwater between 6:15 and 7:00. Thank you Rippinlips for making me buy that top water lure yesterday at Liars Korner. :wink: That color worked great. 3 of the 4 fish came on that one. Talked to 3 others that had been on the lake all night and never got bit until 1st light.
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Did Rippnlips reveal Rajin Cajun's topwater lure he was using last Sunday? I understand Keith ran into him while havng a very good topwater bite. Cost you a few dollars I'll bet didn't Tadmo. Great lure though. Good job.

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