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Saguaro Friday 10.10.2003

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Well, We didn't make it to the lake until about 9:45AM this morning and was still really cloudy . Rained hard all the way thru Usery Pass. Got to the lake and stopped raining. Pretty cloudy most of the time we were out there. Threw buzz baits, pop-r, spooks and only had 1 on a buzz .. Pretty small fish. Really couldn't get on a good topwater bite today. Ended up with 2 small fish. 1 on buzz and 1 on dropshot
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Too bad about the fish. But at least you got a couple! I'll bet it was really nice this morning too!
Oh yeah, it was nice today!

It was very, very, nice today NC and Skirts was right about the bass bustin' today. Tadmo, they were there, you just needed to be lucky and find 'em.

I debated with myself whether or not to even go to the lake this morning. Checked the Weather Channel and the forecast was thunderstorms in the morning and rain in the afternoon. On the positive side, I have a rainsuit. And I can't fish tomorrow. So I went.

Launched at 0600 and picked up two on topwater before the rains came. It didn't rain real hard just steady until it stopped about 8:30.or so. A half hour later the lake calmed down and I found LM busting shad. Busting like I hadn't seen on Saguaro in a couple of years. Big boils. Long boils. Long enough to hook up, reel it in, take it off the hook, toss again into the same boil and hook up again. I had just broken off my biggest fish of the day (7 lbs?), rather he broke me off, and I sat down to retie. I'm tying the darn knot and my hands are still shaking from the previous fish when I hear the fish busting behind me. I set down the hook and grab a rod with a spook on it and flip the spook over my sholder, backwards. I stand up and turn around and see a LM smash it! A nice fat 3.5 LM in the boat. Got 'em long range with a spoon and short range with a bass assassin. Got 'em on Rico's and on Spooks. It was almost too easy. I had them pretty much to myself today too. Score? Hits: too many to count Hook-ups: ~30 Boated: 18 Just a couple 1.5s, mostly 2 to 2.5lbs, several 3.5s and a couple of 4s. All fish were like footballs and scrappy. And all are back swimming in Saguaro.

My thumbs torn up, my arm hurts, and the Cubs are leading 2-1 in the 6th. I'm a happy guy. Back to the game.............
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Denny, great day out on the water...a day you'll remember for a long time. Thanks for your post! It will give the rest of us something to dream about. I won't be on Saguaro this weekend, but plan to be on Pleasant on Sunday.
I launched at the same time you did. I took the day off and was excited aboutthe fact that the last post I read c/o an overcast day yielded alot of fish. I managed one swirl on my top water all day. The rain calmed down like you said at about 830 but I could find nothing after that. I fished main lake and snags, mesquite, and even the channel. I left at about 1130 wondering if anybody got on some fish. I think you got on most of them!! Good job!

Wow! Great day on the lake. Congrats on all the fish. Way to go!
Way to go D A
Joe C
Way to go DA, I was on the water from 5:30 till the rain quit about 8:00 then had to get home for some family stuff....
It was a great day on the water but unlike you I could'nt buy a bite all the short time I was there.....Zip......maybe next time :D
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