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Fished with FlippinStick- hit the water at 6:30. Started out on topwater, but no takers. Hit several spots and he finally got two small fish on a crank. He continued to throw the crank, I tossed the wired-worm for a while, nothing. Tried pitching the tules for a while, it's 12:00 and it's not looking to good.......Went back to top water and got some decent action, Flippinstick got a soild 2, and a rat, I just got a rat..........that lasted about an hour, then went to the worms, Flippinstick nailed a 1.5 on the dropshot, now I'm pissed because he's kicking my ass. Now it's 2:30 went back to topwater and finally got some good action, he nailed a 4 and I got a 4.5..............nice to meet Bayou and Tadmo........

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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