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I don't know how my Tues. post got to the top of the list, but that's just the beginning of things I don't understand. Anyway, I began fishing about 5:45 in the morning and quit about 9:15. Ifished a rocky bank with a Rico and got two strikes. The one that stayed on was 5lbs. 15oz. After too many empty casts, I moved to Shiprock for some chasing action. It was breezy and not much action. By 8:30 I pulled into the Snags and got two strikes and one 3lb. 5oz. bass. I might have stayed, but the wind made the water too rough for top water. I finished with a 1 lb. bass on a TD Minnow on a point.
I also tend to agree with Bayou that buzz baits "should" work better when the water cools a bit more.
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