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Saguaro Monday 8/4

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Fished from 5 until about noon. 5 LMs total and lost another. Caught a lot of yellows amidst the crowd of boats centered around Ken. LMs caught on spoon, trolling crankbait, and dropshot. Biggest LM was a 4. At least Jack didn't cut ME off today!! LOL
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Thanks for the warning, I'll be ready. Oh, and maybe you could try getting off the water a little earlier? You know its getting hot out there after 10 and I have to wait for you to get off the lake before I fish my good spots! :wink: :D
ME? Have a list of fishing etiquette? :shock: All I know is to keep your pinkie extended when you lip a bass. :D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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