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Saguaro Sat 9/20

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The best part of the morning was the air temperature at first light (~67-68ºF). It was absolutely beautiful. Fished from 4:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Spent too much time on the main lake fishing odd-ball winter places and only caught 1 dink LMB. Fished the upper lake for yellows/LMB with Kastmasters and Hopkins spoons and only 4 or 5 small yellow. The water temp on the surface was 81 ºF and was 78.8ºF on the bottom in 33.1 feet of water by the no-wake buoys at the start of the river. It was nice talking with Spiderman, Toad, Baxter, Rippinlips, Tempepops and Bass Blaster. Not many boats out early. Beautiful morning. All I need now is to find the fish.
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I like that report on the water temp at 33 ft. How do you measure it? I had SDM in the backseat about a month ago and he has an underwater camera with temperature readings. I recall there was a much larger (maybe 10 degree) differential between surface temp and 20 feet down.
Thanks Howard, that sounds like a useful piece of gear! Did you notice any thermocline this summer?
Thermocline, where the water temp shows little if any change versus depth. Seen it on Sag?
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