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7 AM to 2 PM

Caught a 2 lb LM on a tiny white Strike King spinnerbait right before sunrise. Little shad busting all over the surface. Saw plenty of carp jumping around us, but also a good number of surface pops that were bass. Soon as the sun came up - game over...

Lost one in the shaded south cliff across from campers cove at noon and from there tried some swim baits in Butcher's...nada.

I looked for your toweled-seat, Tadmo, but didn't see ya.

Next time.
See ya,

DigDug :)

Saguaro Sunday 2/8/04

Saguaro was good to me on Sunday at 11:30 AM. After a morning with no luck on crankbaits and spinners- I caught a 4.3 # LM on a black westy worm in 6 feet of water (first cast :shock:). I didn't believe my digital scale (3.2), so I had it weighed at the marina (much better)! I released her there for another day.

Delw, I still have your rod (from Bartlett) and never made it back.
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