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I went out and did a little "pre fishing" for tomorrow this morning. We only fished for about four hours and we were done fishing before 9:00. It was kind of a strange morning. Over the last year or so I have probably fished Saguaro about 75 times atleast and never hooked a smallmouth, by 6:30 this morning I had two gorgeuos smallies and a couple largemouth as well. A few small fish today, lately I've been catching quite a few in the 10-12 inch range on Saguaro for some reason. It was a fun morning and it was extra cool to finally catch some smallies. I'll see everyone tomorrow. Josh


Way to go....I have fished there a lot too and only managed one smallie so far but it was a really nice one and I would say it was about 4 pounds.....darn near ripped the pole out of my hands when it hit a jerkbait...I know what you mean those things are a blast to catch and you are really blessed to catch two in the same day....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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