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Saguaro Tackle & Archery: Patagonia August 15 Results

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I wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our tournament. We normally have a (5) fish tournament but due to heat and water temps we elected to fish for (3). A word of thanks to Patrick for allowing us to borrow the scale and thanks to everyone else for assisting with weigh in.

Here are the results:

First Place Basic with (15.93 lbs.) and Second Place BF (7.98 lbs.)
Vu Au and John "tiki" Weir

Second Place Basic with (11.98 lbs.) and First Place BF (8.15)
Carl Belts and Jacob Russell

Third Place Basic with (7.85 lbs.)
AJ Ramirez and Rudy Verdugo

Thanks for the great tournament-please don't forget the Tucson Bass Open this weekend and Patagonia Elite Series on the 29th. Hope to see everyone out there putting pressure on Patty.

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Nice job Vu!! Doin it again!
Impressive bags fellas! Good job...I cannot wait to fish that place. I will be there this weekend.
Hey Vu what did you did do fall down.
clean up before the weigh in. Look respectable my boy. Well as much as you can.
thats water from working the scales and fishes at the wieght in. hey when are you gonna come down is fish with us! crappie seasons over ya know.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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