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Saguaro Tackle & Archery
2009 Border Battle: Patagonia 5 Fish Tournament Series Schedule
March 21st Day
April 4th Day
May 2nd Day
June 13th Day (San Carlos)
July TBD Wild Card Tournament (Night)
August 15th or 22nd Night Tournament (5:00 PM to 11:00 PM) More details to come.
October 24th Championship –Day Tournament
*Day Tournament Hours: Safelight to 1:00 PM
*Night Tournament Hours: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
90% Payback with 10% allocated for Championship Tournament
Tournament Options: $75.00 Basic $50.00 Big Fish $5.00 Goon
The biggest (5) bass sack wins the tournament with Big Pig payout for the biggest pigs weighed. Tournament payouts for basic and big fish will be determined by number of boats entered. There is a 10 boat minimum for tournaments to proceed. If a tournament is canceled your entry fees will not be refunded but forwarded to the next tournament.
Pre-registration at Saguaro Tackle and the field is limited to 25 boats!!!
Questions: Please contact Jesse Lim @ 520.745.0003
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Hope to see you guys out there.
anyone need backseat??
Saugaro Backseater

Youngtracker, hit mtnbiker-x up he is looking for a backseater!
Good guy!

anyone need backseat??

Hey Vu, you guys going to extend that tourney to 1200 or leave it @ 1100? I vote 1200....

Hope to see you guys out there.
lets vote. i dont mind 12
12! long drive to fish 6hrs: Jerk-it shit make it 1am!:moon:
15th tourney

Jeff, yeah i'll be there. Learned the ways of the jedi net master a week if nothing else i'll be there to get em in the boat for my partner....

You coming out? Always a good time and a good group of guys/gals!

Chris, i'm down for 1am too, but most will say that the fish stop biting after the sun goes down....some know different!

Brian you gonna fish it? How's the knee?
im with chris go to 1 makes it worth the trip.
there is a good reaction bite right now. r
there is a good reaction bite right now. r
nope its not like it was
13 fish on reed island is pretty good.
13 fish on reed island is pretty good.
if the winds blown i see that happening especially if the winds blown to the east. but monday evening it was mainly rats.
Well everyone just fish in the no wake area and Gabe and I will work reed island for the dinks.... :)
yo man 1:00am sounds good ,the fishing is good was out on 08/10/09 and i had about 9lbs with 3 fish lots of top water action lots of small dinks but this guy was using a 8inch grub black by yamamoto and picked up a 9lb and a 6lb his tip was "the bigger the bait the bigger the fish " hope to see some donors at the lake! hahahahaha
good luck ya'll!

be safe bro! bring another one home.
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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