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Well I took the kids out on a tube today and drug them around...behind my boat...left the poles at home....saw a lot of guys fishing and wish I were doing the was a beautiful day but a little warm...the boat dock was a zoo....some idiot actually parked his boat at the dock for several hours blocking it for everyone was there when I got there and there when I got back hours later....what a jerk! I think he was at the nearby beach swimming with his family....gee couldnt he see that people had to wait in the sun behind a line of boats while he was just screwing around. Man that just frosts me.

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Magic, some people have no clue around the ramps and docks. A few Saturdays ago, two guys towing a big Nitro bass boat, pulled their vehicle straight to the parking pass machine closest to the water and stopped. They spent the next 10-15 minutes getting the boat ready to launch. Their vehicle and boat were blocking two lanes on the ramp. I had to back down going around them to launch from the 3rd lane. Even though I came a couple of feet away from their boat while backing my boat down (with 2 lanes blocked) they still had no clue. The next guy asked them why they were blocking the ramps and they finally moved their vehicle and boat. I get frosted too. They should have known better.
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