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I returned to Saguaro this morning, Wed., from 6:00 to 9:30. I was hoping for another good topwater bite. But, as everyone knows, every day is different. I had 1 swirl on a buzz bait, and 2 passes at my Rico. Fortunately I got one of them, 3.3lbs. I did manage 1 small bass on a Spook Jr. plus 3 TD Minnow fish, all chasing. I went to the Snags about 8:30 and picked up a 2.5 lb. bass on the Spook Jr. I didn't stick around the Snags too long, because there were 2 duck hunters concealed in the reeds with their decoys spread out in front of them. I didn't want any buckshot my way.
It was a beautiful morning on the lake once again.
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Gary, my apologies if you were who I pulled up by in the Narrows. I wasn't sure that was you but thoguht it might be. I stuck with fishing topwaters this morning because I was determined to catch a topwater fish - didn't happen - skunked. I got blown up on twice on a Buzz but not the Spook. Pretty frustrating but that's fishing.
Is the duck hunting thing legal like that at Saguaro??? It sounds like it could be a major disaster in the works if so.
For all those posters concerned about the shape of the dock at Ramp 2...they were out and fixed it this morning.
I forgot to not that I did see 2Dogs nail a sweet smallmouth on a buzzbait. Nice fish, Dave.
Checked with g&f and they said duck hunting was legal on sag. Suprized me.

It wasn't me you saw this morning. I was farther up the lake. I do believe duck hunting is legal on the lakes. It just doesn't seem right!
Wow duck hunt too? We definately need to get together.

Gary why doesnt it seem right? :roll:

Duck hunting is a blast. Nothing better than bass fishing and duck hunting the same day the same time, just strap a shotgun to your rod holder :wink:

Duck hunting is leagal on all saltriver chain lakes barlett, horseshoe and alamo. Lake pleasant only in about a 400 yard area but when it has water in it duck season is closed

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As long as I don't come out looking like swiss cheese it's just fine.
Duck hunting and Bass fishing- I just never put the two together at Saguaro Lake. I had never seen duck hunting there before. Maybe they should put out some sort of warning in advance of their staked out area. I was upon them, in their line of fire, and fishing before I realized they were there. They were a bit upset with me being there and made some remark about me falling out of my boat. After that, I hung around a little longer than I had intended. I guess I was lucky. No ducks flew close while I was there!
I love to shoot ducks while fishing. I have been critisized by other fisherman before telling me it wasn't right to do out on our lakes. That kind of attitude is how we loose or hunting and fishing rights. Duck Hunters have every right to be out there the same way a fisherman or wakeboarder do. Tell me have you had more close calls with a duck hunters or jet-skis. I have been out on the lakes many times and not once did a hunter make me feel un-safe, but I have had many close calls with other boaters, jet skiiers ect.

Hold on James...nobody said Hunters don't have rights to be out there. It's just a little unnerving to hear several shot gun blasts unexpectedly when working a reed line in your boat. It makes you wonder if John Malvo is making an unexpected visit to town! :lol:
That happened to me at roosevelt during the ABA tournament. No one was shooting the days I was prefishing, but when we pulled up to our spot at 1st light and had just started fishing the shooting began w/i 100 yds of us! We couldnt see any ducks just some seagulls and a few doves... Its scary when you can hear it that close but cant see the shooter. Anyone need lead for reloading?
I have no problem with duck hunters but it is a little un-nerving to be fishing and have someone you can't see start blasting away from close by!I was within about 100 feet of a couple guy's who were back in the reeds in the snags(I could not see them and I assume they could not see me)) when they opened up at a duck flying over me, Scared the heck outa me! remember the guy's at saguaro who where herding ducks with their boat and then blasting them out of the water last year?
Saguaro ducks

We need to all share the lake's,we are all outdoorsman and enjoy what we do either fishing or hunting. :wink:
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