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Went fishing with tempepops today, Great day on the water. I landed my 1st bass on topwater, a 6lb4oz bass. a new record for me :D Thanks again Mike.
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Ya, I caught my first topwater too. Only it was just under a pound. Oh and Jim just to add another data point to your theory I caught mine first. :D
WTG BassBlaster! Nice Fish.
Nice fish Sam! On topwater too, what a blast. Josh
Nice work! I'm jealous as all get out. I'm working on a plan to get me back onto the water. First I need a boat! Second, I have two more years of psychotherapy. Ever since I was skipped, I can't get rid of that nervous eye twitch. It makes it tough when pitching jigs and small plastics, my aim is way off. I usually wrap my plastics around a branch or other twiggy objects. :roll:
RookieBoy said:
......I usually wrap my plastics around a branch or other twiggy objects. :roll:
And your line around the trolling motor if I remember correctly.

As Ken shouts "AGAIN ROOKIEBOY?" far aff in the distance.........
Congrats BB sounds like you had a great time.
Joe C
Thanks everyone :D That was the best fight I had with a bass :D I loved it! Thanks again. See you all on the water some time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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