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Me & Miguel decided to see if that San Carlos article had any merit. Got on the water by 5:30 am on friday and found pretty tough launching conditions....A 4x4 is a least on the main ramp. Started the morning looking for a topwater bite that never materialized...Then went to plastics for awhile but that didn't pan out either. So we switched to reaction baits (Rip Minnow, Crank & Blade) and started getting bit pretty good. Had a lot of short strikers and Farmed alot of fish at the boat but managed to boat about 10 ....all in the 1.5 to 2.0 range. At around 10:00 that bite disappeared so we went back to the plastics on the steep walls.....Stuck a couple more including a 4 lb'er on an old school 8" "Mombo" black paddle tail worm. Got a few more huge bites on the same worm but couldn't stick em....Miguel Farmed a couple more on a Westy.....An that was it....Out of there by 1:30 pm....Overall not a bad day! One more thing, only about half of the lake is even fishable because the water is so low. later, Dan
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