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water visibility was 18 inchs, surface temperature on windblown side of lake 86 degrees, lake level elevation based on garmin gps
2387 ft, level required to be at bottom of main ramp 2397. air temp at lake 96 degrees, sunny. 6 boats on lake.
Able to launch bass boat with 4 wheel drive at three launch sites.
Car toppers can lauch most anywhere the water meet the shore.

Report mixture of all species, covered alot of water trolling a 2 oz bottom bouncer with an assortment of lures. The flashy & more vibration or noise the better. good depth was 20 plus feet.

to be more specific of the species caught. 5 bass 2.4 to 6 lb
12 crappie mixed size biggest about 1..25, a few large panfish

missed more than caught, next time coming with a few stinger rigs for the short bite or smaller hits.

the lake is lowest in long time. great time to get a map, gps and mark the structure before the rise in the spring.

San Carlos Crappie

Crappie!! No less than 12!! Just enuff to feed a family of four!!
So did they come on to your bottom bouncer or ?
?? Lava Beds? Willow Cove ? Blue Cove ? or ??
On the meter/ Were they Bunched up or Spread Out?

Got to Go!! Got to GO!! bfishn:
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