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San Carlos

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does anyone know if San Carlos is going to come back to life?
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does anyone know if San Carlos is going to come back to life?
Sure it will if we get some rain......
It only needs about three days of good rain...maybe this weekends storm will help.
It's not dead yet thankfully. The SC tribe needs to buy some water rites from the water corporation/farmers as they don't own the water. I don't know how the water is sold or distributed, but if I was down stream and entitled or owned shares of water for my farm, if the price was right, I'd sell the farm. This way they could keep a min pool of a higher percentage than it is now. If I remember correctly I read where the lake brings in about 5 mil a year in revenue? That's peanuts compared to the millions they make at their casino. Just a thought here, take some of these monies and buy some farms downstream?
Nah, makes too much sense.
I'm done bitching.
does anyone know if San Carlos is going to come back to life?
Here's a tale about a recent trip to San Carlos from your bottom fishing brethern at
Why would they care if they had a higher min pool? Not trying to be a dick but please explain to me what they get if they keep the water higher. Doesnt make sense to me, unless they are making large sums of money from the lake?
Could be for insurance for the lake, in case of an extreme drought.
Why would they care if they had a higher min pool? Not trying to be a dick but please explain to me what they get if they keep the water higher. Doesnt make sense to me, unless they are making large sums of money from the lake?
Good point Joey, I see what your asking from a business stand point. I'm looking at it as a fisherman, not as a business which it really is. At 4 percent capacity which it is now, this fishery is getting in danger of a fish kill. If the lake were to go dry tomorrow, the lake wouldn't be worth fishing for say 5 years, even if it filled up the next month and they re-stocked on a regular basis. So they would be out say 25 mil in revenue, equal to a few months revenue from the casino. There's a lot of members that enjoy the lake so that's got to be worth something in the way of recreation value one would hope. The members need to start making a stink and do something as the tribe could care less what non-members think.

Looks like they are starting to slow the flow out of SC for now.,00060
I had to take the wife to Tucson for a doctor's appointment the other day, and it was disgusting seeing how well the Gila was flowing below the dam. There isn't much at all for water up here above Safford, and barely a trickle below Safford.
san carlos has gone near dry several times, been a few years ago but front page on the ariz repulsive showed literally hundreds of thousands of dead bass and crappie up against the dam they stretched the entire legnth of the dam and out a ways, massive die off from low/warm water. I don't think san carlos has a minimum pool they use it till it is dry unless we get rain. The worst part is if we get a wet winter the dam is in such bad shape they wont fill it much above 35% soooooooooo you start behind the curve to begin the year even when we have a wet one.

In the middle of our most recent drought it was heading toward major fish die off at like 5% and the tribe actually contacted JD Hayworth who was a congressmen at that time and he was able to get emergency federal money to buy CAP water to use down stream on the farms instead of san carlos water, there is a diversion gate on the CAP which lets them put it in the irrigation canals above carlos, it saved the lake that year.
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Its a shame that a great lake like that is always under a pile of S&%t. Unfortunately it will always be that way unless the tribe sees it as a profitable way to get back.... On the other side of the coin it sucks for us bassmen who's only goal in life is to catch a pig of a lifetime. San Carlos is the place to get it done, but who knows for how long.
The way it has been managed seems horrid yet it remains one of the more productive ponds around, fish kills and all! Something's working as far as it being a pretty constant producer even though its cyclic.
They probably wont do anything to manage it better because they have no REAL reason to. No one is complaining, and they arent making giant heaps of money off of it. Unless there is someone who matters that fishes, nothing will be done IMHO
Plain and simple, it has been a dry summer south of the lake. Not a lot of monsoon this year down there, lots of crops need the water. Just like if we had a severe drought in Maricopa they would drain Bartlett and even Roosey to the bottom to sustain the economies dependent on that water. SE AZ doesn't have the lakes/water needed upstream to sustain the usage requirements. San Carlos is the main feed aside from the CAP, which is mainly used for the Tucson area.

The 35% max-capacity is a whole different topic, they have had the opportunity to keep more than 35% in the recent years past but they simply can't... Say they could have let the lake fill to 100% in the past 2-5yrs, then we probably wouldn't be talking about the lake being 4% right now.
The lake's down to 4%, let's hope we/they have some good rain this weekend!
seems like they will get some rain...
the dam at carlos has been on the (ah chit) list for years and years, one of the dams they talk about needing to be repaired ASAP and it is always just talk, indian tribe owns the lake shore, not the water and not the dam, maybe Obama will come to the rescue with stimulas money to repair it?? when that lake is at 100% it is a biggggggggg lake. That was way back when Picacho had water 12 months a year and you could fish and duck hunt it. the good old days!!
They put a lot of work into Coolidge Dam several years ago, and supposedly dealt with all the stabilization issues. Now the problem is that the BIA and the pumpkin rollers downstream have decided that the cylinder gates are screwed up, so they locked them wide open, pending replacement when they may decide that they feel like it.
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