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San Dieago yellow fin and yellow tail

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hey guys, talked to my nephew today, the fish are biting, everyone is catching yellow tail and yellow fin, My nephew works his boat out of H and M landing
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the storm in the Baja is making the water temp rise! that should bring the Tuna in 1\2 and 3\4 day boat range. or just jump in the 34 foot C.C. and kill them with just friends!
I fished out of that boat about 3 weeks ago. Caught a few yellowtail and a bunch of bonita. Cool guys running the show. What's your nephew's name?
Im going on an overnighter a week from today on the Thunderbird out of Newport. Kind bummed Im going out so far north, but hopefully some pelagics will be within range of an overnight boat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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