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Senko training and a question

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I finally did it, I fished a senko last night. My 1st 2 fish hit it as soon as it hit the water. The others would hit it when I gently raised my rod tip....I was fishing both 4" and 5.5(I think, the seemed a lot bigger than the 4") models. Anyone else fish these at night? I was fishing about 2' of water and cant wait to try them out in the big lakes. I found a 50 bag of them (I call them Fenkos b/c they arent the real thing, but close) on ebay for like 8 bucks. But the real question here is, does anyone else throw them at night............??
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I like using them at night. I will usually prefer a texas rigged worm. If there are areas that I want to fish, and they are really snaggy, a senko is the way to go. The are also a good daytime bait. They have different presentations depending on where you hook it and hook size. JMHO
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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