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September 11th and other crazy birthdays

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Anyone else on here have one? I turn 18 tomorrow. The crazy thing is my birthday is 9-11, my dad is November 22, 1963 which is when JFK was assassinated, my mom's birthday is January 16th which marks the beginning desert storm and invasion of Iraq. I also live on Columbine Dr :shock:. Some bad juju right there
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happy 12th b-day dude!!
happy 12th b-day dude!!
Thanks hahah, ya I am really excited to get out of 8th grade, time flies : Jerk-it
Happy Birthday it's ok to date older women at 18 no more in the velvet.
My nephews bday is 9/11, his brothers is 4/23(okahoma city), and, their last name is Hell. true story.
Yep, I share the same birth date, albeit a few decades more. Happy birthday tomorrow. I don't care to celebrate it after 2001 but reflect upon my good fortune to still have them. Ironically, my father had the same birthday. I guess I ruined his 29th!!
I think oklahoma city was on the 19th of April. One day before hilters birthday. I remember people saying it was the neo-nazis that did it because of hilters birthday
oops. his bday is the 19th. Not the best @ remembering bday dates. Thats how I dont forget theirs. Everyone else is out of luck.
My birthday is just a day in July, but Sept. 11 is our anniversary.
My dad's b-day is today(9/11) mine is 4/19(Oklahoma city).
Interesting site:

My wife was born on 4/20...... Of course we now what 420 is about, and it is also Hitlers B-day and the day columnbine happend. Shes not very happy how she shares her day.
My little girl was born on sept 11th 3 years ago. Just got done having her 3rd B-day at amazing Jakes! Our little boy is due next month on halloween, we will see if he is a oct 31st baby.
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