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August - Who Won?
Manual Garcia & Russ Venable took first place and 1st place big bass. Robert Murray and Chad Prochaska finished second.

September - Lets Get Signed Up, NOW!!!

Amateurs, Are You really Going to Fish
We had several people call and ask about Yuma Pro Am this month. They all said they planned to fish as amateurs and where going to sign up right away, but so far only one of those new ams has actually signed up. Inspite of my concern that there might not be enough boats, as of this moment there are open back seats. If you are going to fish waiting until the last minute just raises everybody's anxiety level and assure YOU will be the one who sits on the bank if there aren't enough boats.

Where We Gonna Be?
We will be launching at Fisher's Landing again this month.
Sunrise is about 6:27, so we will probably be calling numbers by 6:15.
If you are in the water ready to go by 6:00 you should be fine.

Weigh in will be at 2:30

Lets remember to thank those who support us.

Bass Kickin' Tackle Company
King Cobra Tackle Company
Secret Weapon Lures
Eagle Claw
Goin' Fishin' Productions Guide Service
TTI- Blakemore
Yuma Tackle Company
The Security Consultant
Pepsi Cola of Yuma
Cactus Kids Pediatrics

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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