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For Those Who Want To Share!!!
For Those Who Want to Learn !!!

What Happened in August
The big thing is Kelly Bemis and Ed Reeder showed us they know how to win a tournament. It was a tough day, but they had almost 13 pounds to the scale and their big fish was just short of 4.

Fishing solo Ernie Melcher nailed down 2nd place for the pro division, and the 2nd place amateur went to Christian Carter fishing with 3rd place pro Bucky Leigh.

The battle for Pro Angler of the Year is still hot. Billy Skinner pulled ahead by a couple points, but only a couple. Craig Johnson finished right behind him. If I was betting I’ld put even money on these guys. Billy has shown he knows how to find fish, but I’ve seen Craig consistently catch fish all year around, and the winter months are yet to come.

Free basic entry in September.
Bucky Leigh – Pro
Christian Carter - Am

Ok EVERYBODY. Please get down to Sportsmen's Hide-A-Way and get signed up for the next Yuma Pro Am right now.

Mittry Lake In September
Yes, we are back on Mittry Lake for the last time in 2009. Lets see what we can do. This lake can give up some big fish. Lets hope it lets us catch some this Sunday.

Launch Time
Sunrise is getting later, but we still need to be on time to the ramp. We are probably looking at a call out around 6:00 am so you should try and be at the lake by 5:30.
Weigh in will be at 2:30.

BOATERS: It is important that you fish if you want to continue to support bringing new people into tournament angling. We need to be able to brag that we have a couple open backseats at every tournament.
NONBOATERS: Please get signed up early. The rules are in place to favor those who really want to fish and commit to be there. Waiting until the last minute is the one thing almost guaranteed to eventually leave somebody who wants to fish sitting on the bank.

River Marine
Goin’ Fishin’ Productions
Preferred Plastics Custom Baits
The Fish Icon
Sportsmen’s Hide-A-Way
TTI-Blakemore, Daiichi, X-Point, Tru-Turn, Road Runner
Taipan Custom Rods
King Cobra Tackle Co
Sign Pro
Pepsi Cola of Yuma
The Security Consultant

2009 Schedule

Sign Up 21st Thru 26th
Draw 26th @ 6:15 PM sharp
Fish 27th Mittry Lake

Sign Up 12th Thru 17th
Draw 17th @ 6:15 PM sharp
Fish 18th Fishers Landing

Sign Up 9th Thru 14th
Draw 14th @ 6:15 PM sharp
Fish 15th Fishers Landing

Sign Up 7th Thru 12th
Draw 12th @ 6:15 PM sharp
Fish 13th Fishers Landing

Special Thanks to:
River Marine
Goin’ Fishin’ Productions
Preferred Plastics Custom Baits
The Fish Icon
Sportsmen’s Hide-A-Way
TTI-Blakemore, Daiichi, X-Point
Taipan Custom Rods
King Cora Tackle Co
Sign Pro of Yuma
The Security Consultant
Pepsi Cola of Yuma

(928) 580-1270
[email protected]
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