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Shimano Calcutta Reels

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Hey does anyone use one.?What do ya think of them? I'm thinking of picking one up to use for flippin. Just curious what everyone else uses.
Thanks Joe C
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YES! I have 2 of them, the 100 and the 200. For flippin though, I dont know. These are the round ones, right? I love them. I use my 100 on a 6' trigger rod for shakin, spooning and whatever. I have a 200 I use for wired worms, top waters and whatever else, I even threw a big swimbait with it and it handled it just fine, except it didnt hold much of that 20 lb big game. The 250 is the gold one and it is sweet, spring for that if you can, its about 170 bucks. I get all my reels used, even got one for free from Shimano!
Uh oh, did Franklin just give a positive comment on SHIMANO?
Don't forget about watching the brush/tules you are flipping to for movement! You taught me that!
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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