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Shimano Calcutta Reels

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Hey does anyone use one.?What do ya think of them? I'm thinking of picking one up to use for flippin. Just curious what everyone else uses.
Thanks Joe C
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Just curious why you want a higher gear speed when flipping? I was always told to use lower so you can wench those big boys out of that deep cover.

-Dave King
Hmm, interesting take on that. I still would probably reccomend the lower speed since it has more power but I see how that could come in handy. To each his own. :wink:

-Dave King
True, that's one reason why the flipping stick is 7.5' - 8' long so you can pick up that slack line fast and fling them out. Kind of like the same principle in using a 7' rod for c-rigs. I may have to put my high speed Pflueger on my flippind stick and see if I can really tell the diference but I don't think I'd even be able to tell. In the end I'm sure both are going to work just fine.

-Dave King
One time I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with Dee Thomas (grand daddy of flipping) and he told me the story about how he got the idea from watching people using cane poles to get into deep cover. Then he took the idea down to Fenwick and had them make the rod. I actually still have and use an old Dee Thomas flipping stick made by Fenwick. Of coarse modern rods are a lot more sensative but I've been flipping with this thing for over ten years (the rod is a lot older than that) and have had great success with it.

"...By the way, mostly the rod is that long to give you distance between yourself and the fish"

Also to allow the person to present a bait at further distances with much more finesse. There are a lot of reasons a flipping stick is made the way they are I was just giving one reason. Also I don't know why you have never seen a slow geared flipping reel. All the guys I fish with have used Abu Garcia's for flipping.

-Dave King
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1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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