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Sierra Blanca Lake near Alpine.

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With all of the talk about the high country lately I want to know if anybody has ever fished in Sierra Blanca Lake off of FR 249 out of alpine. I fished there a couple years ago and didn't catch anything but the bite up there wasn't really great at that time. A guy I hunt with told me that he fished there years ago and caught fish. You never see anybody there but it always has a good amount of water.
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never fished it. the only thing i can think of is call the gas station in alpine they have a report for the lake.
they didn't have any info on it either but I know that at one point there was fish in there not because of what my buddy told me but at the pullout there used to be signs about not cleaning fish in the water. If it is a lake with the possiblilty to hold over trout there might be some lunkers in there. I know that the biggest trout I ever caught was at Mexican Hay lake about 10 or so years ago and that was just a weedy mudhole.
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