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Simple question about old Johnson Colt

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I picked up an old Johnson Colt a couple of years ago. I used it once on a friends boat.
Today I decided to use it for salmon fishing so I got it out, started it and everything was fine with it. I figured I should replace the plug since I haven't done that yet. I took the screw on top off thinking that was what holds the cover on but that holds the pull start system in place and it came unglued.
I just can't get the top off. How the hell does the top come off this thing?
Also, what hp is this engine???
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Got this statement from another old post...
"All the colts from 1986 to 1990 were rated 1.2 horsepower according to the OMC Year Reference Guide." Hope this helps.
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Great. It doesn't say on it so that's good to know. It doesn't look like it has been used at all. Still the original spark plug and it runs fine.
I did figure out how to get the top off. Turns out, the top doesn't come off. Well, not easily anyway. 6 bolts. The plug is changed from the bottom. The top doesn't contain the engine. It's underneath. The only thing on top is the flywheel and the rope pulley.
Basschump, My old Johnson is not ez to get at right now to look at it numbers. I think the model # will let you know the HP and the year of your motor. I would strongly advise you change the impeller. Good Luck!
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