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skeeter's new pb

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well delw wouldnt let me upload my pic in the gallery so i made a profile to do it,anyway here is a hog from sag tonight 19 inches long
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:eek: Nice looking fish, congratulations’ :bow: . What’s that baby's weight? :cool:
dude nice fish congrats.:biggrin:
Nice man what did you get it on
nice fish.
all i can say is it was not caught in marina we took it there for pics,it was ds 7 ft of water,and you all know how much i love aarons majic:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl thank god i got sunline,oh and the weight,you guys know i suck at guessing weight but it was 181/2 inches lond and 41/2 inches wide! i guessed it to be around 4-5 lbs?
this was the fish on the scale,my old scale,my new one said it was 181/2 innches,forgot to ask,why is this scale diffrent than my actual golden ruler scale?
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one scales for cheatin'.
one scales for cheatin'.
:biggrin: either way it was a hog:D
18.5inch is bass only around 3.5lb to 3.8lb. Its still a nice fish man.
18.5inch is bass only around 3.5lb to 3.8lb. Its still a nice fish man.
oh well it is the biggest out of sag ive pulled
Are you going to Sag tonight?
what time? Im heading out there around 6 or so until the morning.
I havent been up there since the road trip
So was I for awhile. Then I started going to Canyon every weekend. Went there yesterday. Best 3 was 8.9lb
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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