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Skeets new rods

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Anyone have a chance to see these rods in person yet? I will be curiuos to see some reviews. $89, with a lifetime warranty sounds good if they are worth a sh!t.
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just looking at em,im thinking im getting another mojo
I may need one of the crankin rods.
I heard the bucoo's and the mojo's are both much better...
looked an bucoos also,might try them,they sure do look sick!
Personally I'll stick with crucials
I saw a two week old BOO KOO snap on a hookset. Falcon was kind of a pain in the ass about replacing his rod, too.
uh oh,maybie i wont,which model?i mean size and action
Had a mojo, nice design, but doesn't even come close to an avid in feel imo.
Had a mojo, nice design, but doesn't even come close to an avid in feel imo.
yeah i like split grips though,love my mojo hate the colors lol
Probably going to have a Bucoo by the end of the week, will let you guys know how it works after the weekend goes by. Going to look nice with an Abu SX.
what brand our skeets new rods
Eagle Claw (lol) well it is a step up Southbend
Yeah I would never imagine a 90 dollar Eagle Claw rod. Weird. The Boocoo was a 7'MH.
Arrrrrrrrr nice avatar fish my man, Tucson could use another good stick any word on Dm?
+ 1 on the mojo 7" MH love the gay purple color
no word on DM, just a hope and a prayer!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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