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So who all is fishing the ABF

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tourny at pleasant this weekend. Would make a nice Christmas bonus, if you placed.

Kurt and I will be there I believe.(well I know we will)

Darryl this would be a good one for you, Cheap entry and big payouts :roll:


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Delw, you know me and Dan will be there. :lol:
Dont forget to throw some of them worms my way AFTER the tourney! :wink:
I will be fishing NAKED, singing Queen songs at the top of my lungs to keep Dan on his toes, and throwing spooks in 200' of water.

BoatCop...your knockers are nice. I need more. Im going to send you a PM in a few.

I guess I will scrap my above plan and wear clothes. The shrinkage factor is high this time of year! :lol:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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