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Private Msg. Wayne I talked him earlier today and he wants to fish. He has a boat as well

Ive fished with him, Randy kinda threw me on poor old Wayne one day cause my partner didnt show.
So he is broke in and nothing will shock him :wink:

I'll never forget the look on waynes face LMAO....
He tells me we are going to drop shot and asked if I knew how...
I said yup. he didnt say much we get to the spot and I get set-up
Waynes just happeneds to look back when I was putting on the worm and says "WTF Randys playing a crull joke on me" ...
I just laughed as I hooked on my Pink worm and preceded to catch a 3lber? hahaha

Glad you made it Wayne


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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