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The Lakes in S. AZ are either full or near capacity and there are no longer problems with launching at any of them.

We will be out at all of the lakes in S. AZ over the next two weeks to complete our fall sampling we should have some information for you around the first of October.

The weed harvester is making the rounds down here right now and should be at Pena Blanca in the next week or so. It wil be cleaned up by the start of the trout season.

Our Development crews will be working on the Pena Blanca Lake boat ramp later this winter (no firm dates yet) so trout anglers wishing to launch a boat should be sure and check on ramp access before you go. Call me at the office in Tucson at (520) 628-5376 ext. 504 for the lates updates on that ramp.

Trout will begin to be stocked down here shortly with Parker Canyon getting its first load of fish in late October, with Patagonia, Pena Blanca, Roper, and Cluff Ponds getting their first load of the season around the second week of November.

Thats about it for now. Don't hesitate to call or email me with your questions or comments, and as soon as we have had the chance to look at the data we collect in the next two weeks I'll try and post an update on these lakes.
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