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How do you like your Pinpoint? I had them send me their VHS tape and info. Looks pretty cool to me. Do you use all the stuff that it can do? I would love to be able to just put it on low speed and let it contour the depth you program in.

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I think there are other good units for less money. I bought it because I thought it was everything I would need. It is. I have had problems though. Sent it in 3 times to get fixed. Now it's ok.
I do like the precision it has. Once you get used to it, what you see makes a lot more sense. As for using all the options. There are more than I need. I too thought I would love to have my trolling motor controlled by the unit. My Trolling motor is working fine and the one that is required is big bucks. Maybe someone can share how the like the automatic steering. Would I buy another. Probably not.
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