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One question for you guest of infinite wisdom regarding joe Owens 15lb. day. Have you ever smashed them one day and it sucked the next. If you this has not happened to you then you have not fished enough. It is not time for you to go grass hopper. You still have work to do. How many days do you catch a fish over five puonds? not very day... so does this make a liar .... I think not. It was a good day for him and we all get them, just the fisherman with better skills do it more often. Think About it!!
Joe, thank you for the posts and I personally do not think you B.S. us at all Thank you again

Bill Pellegrini

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well...did you?

Dear Bill, please do not assume I am the guest who trash talks. I simply question a big sack this time of year and 14 bites???

P.S. did you qualify for the FLW tour??? I did, nuff said.

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Thank you Guest

Dear Guest,
I guess without signing your name, you could tell me you won the classic..... how would I know I can't identify you.
Thank you for your posts.
Bill P
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