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I was watching the State of the Union and thought to myself, I know how Bush feels. When Bush would say something, half the congress would applaud and the other half acted like they either didn't hear him or didn't care. That's better than my house, when I say something to my wife or two girls, they act like, yeah what ever or just get up and walk away. I guess that's why I have all male dogs. At least they don't act like I'm crazy when I say something or feed them. Just my observation. Mitch
P.S. I think I would still rather have my problem than his.

it's called politcal posturing. the Republicans will stand and clap, the Democrats will sit and f**t. it's an election year and the acting, word play, and mud slinging begins.All I want is the fighting men and women to come home and the terrorist be damned.
Lord, bring my son home safe!! RookieBoy
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