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Sticking with the Game Plan part II

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Figured I would throw this in again but with a loop.

Had the game plan all figured out, spinner baits and ricos all day. with the cloudy weather that came in I wasnt to sure but felt we should still do it.

so first off we stick a 3.1 and a 2.0 with in 20 mins then nothing, we beat the hell out of the banks for a few hours with nothing.
so getting worried(didnt want the 2 nice fish to goto waste, so we changed the game plan) we figured we should hit the cove tried that nothing but stuck with it for a long time(too Long). then with 2 hours left figured we would dropshot and nothing. about 45 mins left, I basically gave up. Thinking what a damn waste 2 nice fish and nothing to get with it. So being frustrated I pulled out one of my 7.5" worms and a jighead(i used them at night alot) and with in 10 mins had three fish in the boat including another 2lber we had 30 mins left and the boat idle was acting up we felt we were close to the money so not wanting to be late or have boat problems we left 30 mins ahead of time to weigh-in fish for 10 mins by the marina then weighed in.

Now were I screwed up I think was going into the cove, seeings this wasnt the usual sat ie clear skies and warm. it was cold and raining(not that cold). I believe if we stayed in the main lake we should have put at least 3 more nice fish in the boat but you never know.

Thats the problem with getting 2 decent fish right off the bat in the am(at least with me) you get worried about the limit and change the game plan. I would much rather catch a limit first then worry about upgrading. This time we had to get a limit to help the first 2 fish.

1st thing in the am almost anyone can catch fish, after the first 3 hours go by it gets tougher.

I did learn one thing fish what you are comfortable with( my worms at the end of the day) .

Was thinking about fishing the ranger tourny this am, but had a tooth ach and my hand was hurting popped a codine ,shit I didnt wake up till 10am.(slept right through the alarms) After what we did yesterday I know we could have done better today and probally would have stuck with the game plan more since we learn by our mistakes.

Oh yeah
Kurt and I ended up with 8.67 for 7th place($480)
Da and george took 9th? (for a check)
Splitshot and his breakfeast cooking wife :wink: Kicked butt and took 3rd for a good chunk of change
Bobby and his dad took 8th(for a check)
Nick(Buhda) and Rich stringer took goon fish a 7lb striper(for a check)
1st place was over $2000
Not bad money for only 55 boats ,

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Congrats to all you who placed in the money at the Monterrey Bass tourney on Saturday on Pleasant. I know you worked hard to get your fish. WTG everyone!
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