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stripers on 8-8

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Bruce, how miny did you guys end up with. we're not sure how many we ended up with. the larger fish started bitting around 4am till 7. real good night.

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Was that Friday night / Saturday AM? Pretty good haul. Anchovies?
saturday night / sunday morning. we (me and Brian) ended up with 125 fish or so. 4 bags of chovies. damn, it was fun.
I gave them all to friends and neighbors, we must have had at least 80 fish in the ice chest. I didn't have to clean a single one! Great night of fishing with good company all around.
we kept 15 nice ones, lost count on the break offs and all the smaller ones we caught and released and was releasing good ones if they did not swallow the hook, Jason wanted to keep just some fish to filet and eat so we did not keep all that we could of.

was a fun night, my fat old ass just could not stay and do the all nighter like you guys did but it was a fun night.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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