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STUPID Boat Rookie of the Week

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There I was freezing my ass off at the Yellow Cliffs boat ramp at about 4:30 pm talking to a fisherman about dropshotting, he thought 20# braid and 2/0 hook should have done the trick. When all of a sudden I hear this god awfull screaming and cussing. It sounded like someone was trying to kill a guy. It sounded like it was coming from Alder creek area so I jump into my trusty county POS and drive up to a high vantage point. As I scanned the lake with my handy 16 x 80 binos,( you would be amazed at what I can see with them and the detail!) I see a ski boat with some fool flailing around in the water behind it. The idiot is wearing, Yes swim trunks with flames on them and a PFD, THATS IT. Folks the water is a tad bit nippy now, it causes major shrinkage to the point you would need a comealong and a crowbar to get the parts back out to see sunlight. Now there are 4 people on this boat so shorty gets back on the boat and the next idiot jumps in the water and does the same thing. He instantly jumps back into the boat and a third guy jumps in. when he jumped in he was telling the other guys something about how they reminded him of his cat and how he thought they had to squat to pee. As he hit the water he made a deep gutteral moan and commanded the boat to go. He made it about 300 yards before the wind chill stopped him and he got into the boat. This ended their day on the water.

If it is wet and it aint warm DONT GET IN
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A guys worst nightmare The Shrivel Factor

Funny Boat Cop.


Alot of people use braided line to dropshot, mainly while fishing deep. I have not tried it yet cause I dont normally fish that deep.
but might work on it this weekend.

The speakers Name was Paul Hodges( I hope I spelled it correctly)

He fish's monetery bass and Abf and a few others, I am sure if he reads this you might be able to coax him into posting, He's a pretty good guy, and answer mnost questions asked.


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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