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Sugar Lake, Mexico Fishing Video

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Hey guys, been a while since I've posted. I met Del originally through Austin Bass Fishing and we were going back and forth about setting up a grudge match on Amistad that never panned out. Anyway, been working on a new site in Texas geared towards tournament anglers. Something we've been playing around with is video production and came up with a web show titled "The Triple Nickel".

On our most recent show we headed down to Mexico and filmed on Sugar Lake. It may not be as exotic as El Salto, Baccarac, Guerrero or Huites but it's only an 8 hour drive from the house and holds some very nice fish!

Run time on the show is 35:40. Due to HD quality it may play extremely choppy if you don't have high speed internet and a fairly new computer, but with all the money you guys spend on tournaments this shouldn't be an issue! Best thing to do is open a new browser, click play, press pause and let the entire show download before going back to watch it.

The fishing starts out pretty calm and then turns into a whack fest so please be patient, thanks and hope you enjoy it!

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your still around cool man, Hope everything is going well.

I got the email on the video either this morning on yesterday havent looked at it all yet, just remember triple nickle. ttz1 webiste looks nice, I joined it a few days after it was online, Thats the tourny website correct?

Tell everyone I said hi.

Awesome video! The only damage done was when the four pounder spilled the Silver bullet!

A lot of nice fish! Thanks for sharing. Matt
Guys at the Falcon Lake Tackle store love Sugar Lake they were telling us that when its on its down right amazing...
That makes me want to buy some cranks.

Nice show, probably the best I have seen in some time. Keep it up!
This makes me feel like a loser for throwing plastic worms all day... These guys must have lander 30 fish over 5 lbs. Nice evening sombreros
Thanks for the comments guys, we had a great time filming this show. It only took us two days and we caught nearly 100 pounds of fish on cranks off that one spot in under two hours! When we first laid the show down it was over 50 minutes long so had to cut out a lot of the catches to hit our 30 minute target.

We have also uploaded a new version on vimeo (kinda like YouTube without the garbage) for those of you that are having a hard time watching the full HD show; the "Director's Cut" is 14 mins of just the catching and is accessible through the same link.

Del, next time you come through you need to make a stop at Choke Canyon before heading further south. There were 5 fish over 15 pounds caught from Jan-Apr and two of those fish were during tournaments!
Nice job on the show! I gotta try to plan a trip there someday.
Awsome vidio.
Awesome show!!!
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