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I learned a easy way to activate your plunger on your surge brakes when bleeding the system. Take your reciever hitch from your vechicle and lock into your coupler on your trailor. This will give you enough leverage to pump up the pressure in the lines and push the air out the bleeder valves. This would be a good time to change your brake fluid. Open up the bleeder valves and pump all the old fluid out and start with fresh fluid. I was told by Auto Safty House that Brake fluid does go bad. I know for a fact I'm going to enjoy having good brakes on this boat going to Apache. One more thing I learned is that you can remove the whole brake assembly, brake plate and all and take it down to Auto Safty House and they will give you a the new assembley. On my boat it was 52.00 Dollors per side. I called one of our dealers ( I will not mention any names) but they wanted 140.00 dollors per side. I hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving. Mitch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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