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swim baits

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At Saguaro, has anybody had any luck with swim baits. I know Brandon did well last year. Would you troll them around the ramps and Ranger's station? Or throw your arm out by casting them all day? Pretty soon, they should be stocking trout in Saguaro. Time to blow the dust off of mine and get it ready! :twisted:
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There going to start stocking sag on nov 2nd & canyon in middle of nov. I have bought one am going to start throwing it soon.
Dont forget about the big tora tube baits ( 10" and 12" ) pearlwhite and the new rainbow one. wait for a fleeing trout and toss it in and reel like mad making it skip across the water you might feel like a fool reeling it that fast but if that fish is hungry you wont outreel her. Monster jerk baits the 10" model by Rapala in rainbow works decent reeled with a stop and go method. Time to break out the 7" rattle traps also.
I've never thrown one of those big trout swim baits but would like to learn. Can anyone share any insight? Do you just throw it and reel it in? I have a heavy action rod - is 20 lb. line suffice? I also have a huge (oversized) trout patterened jerk bait for the stop and go GCB mentioned.
Here's this year's stocking schedule:
Here's the have to find out where the bass stack up on Sag and Canyon to ambush the disoriented trout.................once you figure that out your have to chose between a swim bait, or a classic surface plug, or something in between..............alot of guys actually thread trailer hooks into thier baits, as bass, and stripers are known to inhale a hole bait and not get hooked, also when you get that "strike" alot of times it's not actually a strike, what bass and some stripers do is run into the trout to "stun" it then eat it, so when that happens play the part, and make your bait seem "stunned" ...........and hold on-........Franklin

Franklin is right on playing the part it is alot like throwing a top water DO NOT SET til you FEEEEEELLLL the fish, they will come up and ram it or tail slap it so in saying when they hit it let the bait go to the bottom then fish it like a jig. I like to swim them with a stop and go then again that depends on what kind of swim bait you are using. Tell us what kind of bait you are using then maybe between Franklin and some of others we can offer some tips.

hey matt, forget about the trout stockings. put some time on the lake and look for trout chases (amazing!) fish these areas thouroughly with a surface bait suspending bait and bottom bait. vary your retrieve each cast (if you get hit burn your bait and then kill it, wow i'm foamin'!) experiment with color on a daily basis. long points and deep humps near stalking areas also key. don't forget the net, tape measure, scale, and digital camera! shoot me a msg. on this site & maybe we can hook up out at the lake sometime. ltr, armando
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