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Tadmo..Apache lake X-givin weekend?

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Hey Tadmo, did you end up goin to Apache or no? I havent seen a post. I was up there for the day on friday tryin to avoid the wind on Rosey. Let me know how you did.
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Never made it up there. Had to cancel the room and everything... My brother backed out at the last minute for watching my dog for the weekend while I was gone. So I stayed around home and fished Saguaro and Canyon during this time and I sucked on both lakes. How did you do at Apache?
Yea we sucked pretty bad also. Went to Rosey first and while waitin at the boat ramp, we were watchin 21ft+ bassboats being tossed around like ragdolls in those swells. The wind was horrible so we decided not to even put in at Rosey and we went down the road to Apache instead and we were able to escape the wind in all the canyons, but couldnt get the fish to bite on anything. Fished from noon to dark. We charted tons of fish in what appeared to be the thermocline layer at about 32ft range in 50-100ft+ water all over the lake, but couldnt get a single bite out of em. I tried spooning, finessing, even live shad we caught, and nothin. Fish had lockjaw from what I could see. Talked to a few other guys said they caught 2 all day and that was early morning on craw cranks in less than 5ft of water. Couldnt tell ya what we were doin wrong, but any info or suggestions from anyone else would be appreciated.
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Did you try right at the thermocline layer? It seems a little late in the year for a thermocline though...
Yea, we tried everything we had at all depths, even within that layer. I would have figured the lake had turned over already myself, but the temperature at 30 - 35ft down was around 67° VS. a surface temp of 61°-62°, so the fish were hanging out in the warmer water. Who knows what we were doin wrong?
I fished apache sat. and is was a windy morning but after about 1:00 it died down. Morning was slow cought one dink at about 4:30 started fishing a reef line and caught 4 lm 1 sm all and 1 wally all nice size.
oh yah forgot . we caught them all on crankbaits. in 8-10 feet of water
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