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Tempe Town Lake Tue. Morn

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I'm hitting it tommorrow with my 5 year old to get some dinner............can you say "garlic and lemon butter" maybe I'll get that 4 pounder that guy let go, that'll cook up real nice 8) ..........Franklin

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That was me.

It was me that caught that 4 lber at TTL. As I posted on the other page, as I was leaving a guy asked me why I bother if I'm not even going to keep a trout like that. He seemed a little ticked at me.

I've been a converted catch-and-realeaser for so long in my bass fishing habits that unless I'm walleye or ocean fishing (or think I have a record ) it seems strange to keep a fish. The guy pointed out that the fish would die by next summer anyway, but it still seems pointless if I was not planning on eating it. I like to think that someone's son or daughter might catch that fish next and have an long-lasting fishing memory.

Maybe I should have given it to one of the hard-fishing corn-throwers at the lake. I wonder if they would have felt guilty that they didn't catch it themselves. I doubt it. :)
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By the way...

By the way, I caught the big rainbow on a nightcrawler that I had hooked up for my 3-year-old to use. (I was using Cast Masters and Mepps Spinners and catching 8 and 9 inchers.) It had about 6 feet of line below the bobber and I used a tiny No. 12 or 14 treble hook to try to prevent the fish from feeling the hook before we saw the bobber. It worked.
Hey thanks for the info B Mc B! I'll have to try to get the kids over there and check it out!
tempe town lake

even with all our expensive equipment and baits it's alway's the youngsters who nab the prize fish. beautiful fat trout swam away to fight another day. nice catch.
My motto:

Trout have one pupose in life, to get eaten by bass.....
Or to get eaten by me :lol:

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